Laptop Dreams II

I've been spending waaaay too much time surfing the web for information on laptops. I've tentatively narrowed it down to two models:

  1. Gateway M275XL convertible tablet pc. I decided I can live with XGA resolution if I can draw on it. The big question here is, is the pen digitizer pressure-sensitive? I'll need that to do serious drawing on the tablet.
  2. Fujitsu P5020D ultraportable. This is the take-anywhere does-everything computer, available with 1GB, 80GB drive, and DVD drive. The screen is small but high resolution (1280x768). The only downside is that to draw on it I'd need to hook up a graphics tablet.

Two very different units. The Gateway is much bigger, 2 pounds heavier, and much faster. The Fujitsu is tiny and light and adorable. My friend Wayne is coming over tomorrow to demonstrate his Fujitsu, and hopefully the local Gateway store will get an M275 in stock soon so I can play with it in person. I'm hoping that hands-on experience with both (which is a rare opportunity in these days of internet shopping) will make the choice clear.

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