Unshelved comic strip for 6/13/2003

Easy Rider

I spent the morning slowly bicycling about 50 miles. I can remember when I would whip off 50 miles in 3 hours, but this was more like 5. I blame being a parent and starting up a business, although my recumbant bicycle is probably a good deal slower than my previous upright racing model. But the great thing is that my body doesn't hurt. No neck or back pain I didn't already have. No hand pain. Just aching legs like one would expect if one were as out of shape as I. I'm glad the STP isn't tomorrow, but after another month of training I'm sure it won't be to painful. You're doing it too, right?

We love Portland

... and hot on the heels of that big order for King County, we got an even bigger order for Multnomah County, Portland's system. Ah Portland, the Rose city, you are ever more attractive now.

This Unshelved strip

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