Unshelved comic strip for 2/11/2004

BBMM2 reviews

The second annual Bill's Birthday Movie Marathon was a great success. And by chance I saw the movies in such a way that I enjoyed each one more than the previous. So the day ended on a high note.

  • Win a Date with Tad Hamilton was darned cute. I wanted to see it because the trailers convinced me that I would identify with the nerdy romantic interest, and darned if I didn't. Some very funny dialog. Rating: C
  • The Last Samurai should have been called Dances With Samurai. Disaffected civil war hero finds peace among supposed enemies when he discovers that their ways speak to his soul. I'm a big lover of historical dramas set in Japan, so I did like it. Plus, great fight scenes that made me want to jump up and go to my Aikido dojo. But that silly speach by the emperor at the end was just squirm-inducing. Rating: B-
  • Big Fish was the one I didn't expect to like. I had read some reviews that turned me off it. But with my expectations firmly lowered I really loved it. The stories were fun and the emotional family stuff really got me all teary. Rating: B+
  • Master and Commander was the right movie to end on. Historical action adventure set on the high seas? How could you go wrong? With Peter Weir directing you couldn't. I've always been fascinated by shipboard life, and they really took the you-are-there approach. If I ever have time to read again I resolve to become a Patrick O'Brian junkey. Rating: A

Can't wait until next year!

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