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Unshelved Turns Two!

Today we celebrate Unshelved's second birthday, as is our tradition, by taking a moment to reflect on things.

First, a status report for those of you wondering where your goods are. As we write this, three palettes of What Would Dewey Do? books are making their way from Winnipeg to Seattle while hundreds of shirts are being printed just down the road. The next two weekends we'll fold a lot of shirts, sign a lot of books, Bill will draw wonderful things in them, and Gene will put them into envelopes for shipment across the country and around the world. (If you still want illustrated and/or autographed copies of our books you have until Friday to order them at our store.)

Now some news. At the upcoming PLA conference in our hometown of Seattle, bookseller-to-libraries Baker & Taylor is hosting a special signing of WWDD featuring the two of us on Thursday, February 26th 1-3pm at their booth (#900). We hope to see you there! Also drop by the Overdue Media booth (#2724) for a more leisurely chat and to see our increasingly wide selection of books and shirts.

We're making several changes to the strip. We hope you can't tell, but Bill is now drawing directly on the computer using his fancy new display tablet widget. And in the category of delayed-past-all-comprehension, our Sunday strip is just about ready to debut. It's big, it's color, it's very different from our daily strips, and it's definitely a work in progress so please bear with us while we figure it out. With both, as always, your feedback and suggestions are much appreciated. Send them to unshelved@overduemedia.com.

Finally, some thanks. To world's-most-famous-librarian Nancy Pearl for writing the introduction to WWDD and generally being very supportive. To those who bought our book or shirts, because that's how we'll make a living doing this, if we ever do. To the many who pass on great stories from inside libraries and out - we don't use them all in the strip but they all help inspire us. Keep them coming!

And to everyone who just plain reads our strip. Maybe you passed it on to a friend or coworker, maybe you just enjoyed a private laugh. Just the fact that you're out there helps keep us going on those difficult days when the jokes don't come, Dewey's nose won't draw right, we switched two orders, and the website is flakey. Thank you.

--Bill and Gene
The Unshelved guys

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