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Unshelved comic strip for 4/25/2004

Spring Break

For the next two weeks Unshelved will be in reruns while we take a much-needed break. It's a chance for Bill to rest his drawing arm and for Gene to rest his typing fingers. We trust we'll emerge refreshed and relaxed.

Meanwhile our man Derek will keep the store open and shipping our two books and increasingly large selection of Unshelved apparel.

While we've got your attention, we look forward to seeing you on one of two coasts this summer - in Orlando in June for ALA and in San Diego in July for Comic Con International. Bill will also be speaking at several smaller gatherings around the country.

P.S. I (Bill) will actually be away from home for the better part of the next month - in Philly (my wife is taking a child brain development course and I'm watching the kids), Hawaii (family vacation), and Pennsylvania (giving a talk for a branch of the Pennsylvania Library Association). Talk to you all in late May!

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