Unshelved comic strip for 4/4/2004

Excuses, because who doesn't love those?

Um, so yeah, the strips have been really late and intermittent since we got back from PLA. Obviously I used up the 5-week (!!) buffer I had painstakingly built up in advance of the release of our second book. The release of said book took much of that time, along with lots of conference planning and other stuff. Recently there has been lots of business management, like figuring out the details of the thing-I-can't-tell-you-about-yet. More on that soon.

But my private life has really been the chief thing intruding on work time lately, and I'm trying to figure out how to get things back under control. We have begun the long-awaited process of remodelling our home. It's a nice old 1940's rambler, but it is rather poorly suited for our needs. Sara is homeschooling 2 (out of a planned 4) children, I am running this little business from home, and our housemate (and Sara's brother) Damon also works at home. So it's a busy little house and we're often tripping over each other. We finally settled on an architect last week and we begin the design process immedietly.

This is very exciting but slightly ominous - if my private life has been interfering with work up until now what's it going to be like when we're actively designing a house and dealing with the remodel (including a move to a rental while it's going on). The answer is, probably harder. Which is why I'm trying to get things under control now. Wish me luck. I hope to catch up on strips Monday.

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