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Two Favors

Over here at the sprawling corporate campus of Overdue Media LLC we think it's a little unseemly to beg outright for money. But we're not above asking for the occasional favor, and today we're demonstrating our efficiencies of scale by asking for two of them in one email. That's the kind of value you won't see in other comic strips.

The first one's easy: if you went to either of the last two ALA conferences and enjoyed reading our special Unshelved "Conference Tips" comic strips in the daily CogNotes newspaper, please drop a line to editor Stephanie Hoerner and let her know.

The second one is a little more complicated and has to do with the dark, mysterious world of comic shops. Every month buyers from every comic shop in the land peruse a magazine called Previews and try to predict which books and comics will sell. Some choices are easy for them - I'm bullish on Spider Man - but when it comes to more obscure publications they are feeling their way in the dark. On page 384 in July's issue there are two books we think they should order. They're called Unshelved Volume 1 and What Would Dewey Do? and in our humble and unbiased opinion they are the funniest 256 pages money can buy. If you think so too please call or stop by your local comic shop in the next week or two and let them know. Oh, and it couldn't hurt to show them this strip:

Thank you,
Bill and Gene

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