Unshelved comic strip for 9/28/2005

Sisterhood of the Travelling Tank Top

To give this blog a more international flair, today we're featuring Sarah,a librarian from Leicester, showing off our erstwhile "What Would Dewey Do?" tank top in Crete.

Missing the WWDD shirt design? Be patient - there are plans afoot to bring them back!

Welcome Penny Arcade readers

Thanks to Tycho to linking to our site today from his little webcomic. This is the strip he was referring to. As I've mentioned before in this blog, when I first encountered Penny Arcade I found it rude and unfunny. Now I can't live without it, and I'm not even much of a gamer. I'm not sure what changed there. Okay, I took up drinking. Heavy, heavy drinking. And it was worth the loss of my wife, children, and self respect to have three big laughs a week.

Oh, about our strip? Nothing like Penny Arcade. It's about a library. But libraries are funny too.

This Unshelved strip

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