Store update

In case you follow the soap opera of our online store, here's the latest.

Our friend Jana is our new store manager. Thanks to my recent upgrade to our codebase, she can now do shipments all by herself. As a result we are now shipping every week instead of our previous every month.

We've also added some helpful email help. When you place an order we'll send you confirmation. And when we mail out your order, we'll send another confirmation. This should help cut down on the number of "where is my stuff?" emails we get.

As I noted in my previous post, we're accepting orders for Prints again. We had cut them off because they were too labor intensive and difficult for Gene and I to ship. Now that we have help that isn't an issue.

I'm very excited for this new era. We are loading up on inventory for the store so that people have a much higher chance of finding what they're looking for. We're hoping for a great holiday season and many happy years of shipping Unshelved merchandise thereafter!

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