If you've been reading this site over the last few days and noticing that the strip has been late every morning and wondering why I'm clearly spending more time on our store than on the strip... you are right to wonder. Clearly the strip is the basis of everything we do and it deserves our highest priority. But we are also trying to make a going concern of this business, so once in a while we need to focus there. The holiday season waits for no one, and we needed to make sure that shirts were being printed and orders were being placed. And I felt posting strips a few hours into the day wasn't the worst thing we could do.

Anyway it's all pretty much done now and I am back concentrating on the comic strip. I've already drawn tomorrow's, and I will be creeping ahead again. It helps that I have no travel planned until a short family trip in December. I'm even entertaining thoughts of trying to get ahead enough on strips to get our next book done early. But that's just crazy talk.

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