I Love my Laptop

It’s been over a year since I bought my laptop. I actually bought two laptops before this one. The first was a Fujitsu P5020D. I loved it, but at that time in my life I didn’t really need a laptop. So I returned it. Almost a year later, when I started traveling for Overdue Media, I bought a Toshiba M205, figuring that being able to draw strips on the road would be an advantage. But it wasn’t a very good drawing solution for me, so I sold it and bought the updated Fujitsu P7010D.

I love it.

Because form factor is so crucial to a laptop decision it’s important to really analyze one’s lifestyle. How often will I be carrying it? Where will I use it – on a desk, in a bus, on a plane, outside? What will I used it for – coding? Photoshop? Reading email? Writing?

In my case there are several issues that made this the best choice for me and still do:

  • Weight. I carry this to work and back every day, to almost every meeting I attend. The light weight means I never think twice about it.
  • Dimensions. That it fits in a small bag is great. But the fact that it is a widescreen means that it can easily be used on the most cramped of busses or airplanes. As a result I am productive whenever I want to be (and the rest of the time I watch movies).
  • Resolution. When I’m coding on the road a 1280-pixel wide screen is the bare minimum. There’s simply a lot of information to convey. If I could get more I would.
  • Battery. The fact that I can reliably get seven hours out of this thing, more if I’m very miserly, means I never carry a charger at work. And I can use it nonstop on a cross-country flight with layovers. To get that duration I had to pull out the DVD drive and replace it with a second battery, adding to the weight. But since I watch movies in ripped form (which also saves battery life) it’s no problem.
  • Screen. The wide-angle ultrabright display means I can and do use my laptop outdoors. And indoors there’s never any need to get the screen just right – it’s always visible. (I may regret this one day if I’m writing something confidential on a plane).
  • Performance. The processor speed is fast enough for everything I do. More importantly it takes standard 2.5” laptop hard drives, so I was able to opt for a full-speed 7200k drive. Your hard drive is the slowest thing about your computer, so this is a key point.
  • Sound. It’s not the most important thing, but I really appreciate that the built-in speakers are good enough to watch movies with a friend.

In many ways this computer is the best I’ll get for a while. Fujitsu is competing with Sony for the smallest-ultreportable title. This is a shame because they’re making sacrifices – the smaller, slower hard drive being the most notable. But that’s okay, because for now my litle Fuji meets my needs just fine. Big kiss.

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