Unshelved comic strip for 12/1/2005

It's Alive!

Balance, my new and very fast dual-core Shuttle SN25P, is finally firing on all cylinders. I was having problems with intermittent crashing when I had my data drives in a RAID configuration. These went away when I installed good old 32-bit Windows XP over the newfangled 64-bit version. My guess is that the RAID drivers for the 64-bit version just aren't as well tested since no one's using them. Which, in one of those classic computing catch-22's, is because the drivers are too buggy. Anyway, it's nice to have a dependable, fast, and much quieter desktop PC to draw strips on. As for the Shuttle SN25P, I highly recommend it. It's, well, cool.

Volume 2.1

I put it off until after the last minute, but the second printing of What Would Dewey Do? is finally underway. The art is over at Quebecor, and Diamond Book Distributors has agreed to take a fairly hefty allotment of books because, well, they've been selling a lot of our books. I even think we might have them ready in time for ALA in January, which is good because I'd hate to just be selling volumes 1 and 3 there.

Meanwhile we have about 70 copies left to sell here at the Overdue Media store. If you care about first editions, these are all there are.

In related news, Gene and I have a title and a cover idea for volume 4. It's hard to believe we're on the tail end of our fourth year, but here we are. I won't stop and reminisce now - that's what our anniversary (February 16th) is for. But still, wow. And wow that our first two books are in second printings. And the third book, well, we made a lot of those so it'll be a while yet.

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