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Dog Days

We've had our new dog Maggie for about three weeks now. At first we were worried she wouldn't work out. Her personality wasn't meshing at all well with our family. But in retrospect I think she was just recovering from a traumatic trip up from California, her 25 hours in the wild, and a new home. Also, we were probably still grieving for Tella. Now we're getting used to each other and she's a pretty fun dog. She's also terribly smart and picks up new ideas very quickly. Last night she even did some rudimentary fetching (we're rooting for the Labrador side of her).

All in all she's feeling more like a real dog, and we're glad to have her. Especially Rosie. I am not exaggerating when I say that every third word out of Rosie's lips is "Maggie!" She literally wakes up in the middle of the night and says "Maggie! Maggie!" I'm a little sad that Rosie likely won't remember Tella, with whom she shared many french kisses, but it's sweet to see her bonding so nicely with Maggie.

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