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My Next Computer?

As longtime blog readers know, I am a bit of a gadget nut. The last two years I spent quite some time obsessing about a new laptop (which I still love to death). This year I am very concious that my 4+ year old desktop is very slow. Not for normal things, like email and word processing. But for image processing. For instance, coloring our comic book at 8.5" x 11" at 600dpi in Photoshop was a leetle bit pokey. And assembling it together in InDesign was just plain slow. So I am inching towards making my current desktop the family server and moving on up.

The current object of desire is the Shuttle SN25P. My wife has another Shuttle and it's quite nifty. This one is a little bigger and a little louder but still very very quiet. And, with an AMD 64 bit processor running the new 64-bit Windows, very very fast.

I confess I have been having Mac thoughts as well. Yes, me a Microsoft employee. But to be fair I had a Mac (the original one) long before I ever had a PC. So it wouldn't be switching, just.... switching back. But there are both financial and logistical roadblocks. The need for a second display output for my Cintiq means I'd need a Power Mac. More expensive (but, of course, faster). Plus I'd need all new software - the entire Adobe suite. I used to worry about how I'd develop my website, where I'm firmly committed to the Microsoft platform, but I can run Microsoft Virtual PC to do development. So a Mac is probably doable, just more expensive than other options. And with a very expensive house remodel just finishing up, there's not a lot of spare cash. Maybe I'll start a Mac fund like PVP's Scott Kurtz.

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