Dirt Eaten

As promised in my original post, Sara and I took on the challenge of a detox program this month. Last night it ended. For four weeks we ate nothing but raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, juice, and various noxious herbal concoctions that were presumably good for us.

It's not like there's some easy way to measure progress in this sort of thing, but I do feel cleaner. Or maybe just hungrier. I certainly lost about ten pounds (and two belt notches) in the process, which isn't bad. And I very much gained respect for the value of cooking with fire. It will be much easier now to accomplish my long-held goals of eating more frequent, smaller meals consisting of larger percentages of fresh produce.

Would I recommend this to others? Absolutely, because why should I suffer alone? Will Dewey be going through his own detox program? Just wait and see.

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