Last week I got a sore throat. I kept waiting for it to turn into a cold, but it didn't. It just stayed a sore throat with occasional other symptoms. It got better for a while, then worse. Finally I saw a doctor yesterday and, yes, I have Strep. And it's every bit as fun as it was last time I had it, as a teenager.

For the most part I have spent the last week not talking, as it just really hurts to do so. I managed to marshall my resources and speak through it Monday at our gig at Kitsap Regional Library. And I will doubtless do so again on Friday in Detroit, but we are also turning over more of the talk to Gene. I first started doing this talk by myself and it is in some sense still "my" talk. We've been meaning to change this, and necessity is the mother of invention.

I am such a talker that going without speaking has been very interesting. For one thing I find I'm blogging more - I guess I need an outlet. But mostly it's revelatory to go through the day saying as little as possible, and occasionally relying on sign language (everyone in our family knows a little bit). I am always one for the clever quip, and I've learned that the world doesn't end when I don't make them. Crazy.

Anyway, I've started on Penicillin, so this whispering nightmare will soon end.

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October 8, 2018 Walla Walla, WA
Walla Walla Rural Library District Staff Day (Gene)

November 15, 2018 Palm Beach, FL
Palm Beach County Library System (Gene)

November 16, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Southeast Florida Library Information Network (Gene)


Jan 25 - 28, 2019 Seattle, WA ALA Midwinter (Library COMIC Booth #726) (Gene)

March 1, 2019 Phoenix, AZ
Maricopa County Library District (Gene)

April 15 - 17, 2019 Austin, TX Texas Library Association Annual Conference (Library COMIC booth, Monday night event) (Gene)

June 21 - 24, 2019 Washington, DC
ALA Annual (Library COMIC booth) (Gene)

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