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Comic Con: Wednesday

Last year I took an afternoon flight and almost got to the convention center too late to set up for Comic Con. So this year Gene and I flew down on the 7:30am flight. On the plane were John Lustig, Phil Foglio, and a bunch of other Seattle cartooning folk. We taxied to the convention center and dropped off our bags (filled with shirts) at our booth. Folks, we got a great booth this year. Walk through the entrance at Hall C and you are looking right at our booth. It's by far our best location at Comic Con or anywhere else.

We checked in to our hotel and picked up flyers and our poster from Kinko's. Our poster is a 3' x 4' blowup of Library Mascot Cage Match and it looks great. It's colorful and fun and the title inspires people to ask what it is. And if they ask, they are half way towards becoming our next fan. We met up with Dave Kellett, who was nice enough to bring our books down from Carlsbad, where we had mailed them to a friend. Then Gene went and amused himself while I set up the booth. I get very fussy about how the booth looks, and we've learned everybody's happiest when I do it. Then it was show time.

Wednesday night is preview night at Comic Con. The exhibit hall is open for three hours to anyone with a four-day pass. But they enter from the rear of the hall, so our great position was almost useless. Almost a full hour passed before we saw any real traffic. But then things picked up and we enjoyed a very successful (for Comic Con) few hours of sales and contact with our fans. Afterwards, even though we were exhausted, we went out with Jenna from DC and Kelly from Dark Horse, who we know from exhibiting near one another at many a library show.

We set the alarm late to maximize sleep for our first full day.

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TXLA 2018 (Library COMIC booth 2632) (Gene)

June 22 - 25, 2018 New Orleans, LA
ALA Annual (Library COMIC booth) (Gene)

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