Comic Con: Friday

Gene and I had breakfast at Cafe 222, then headed over to the convention center to pick up J.B., my friend Dean's nephew. J.B. is a pleasantly geeky 17-year-old who had never been to Comic Con. With the help of Dave "taxi service down from Carlsbad" Kellett, we changed all that. J.B. wandered around with a happy grin all day, periodically coming back to our booth to drop off sundry purchases then foraging off for more. I wish someone had taken me to Comic Con at 17.

Friday gets busier and busier as more people show up from work ready for a weekend of shopping and other fun. And we sold more and more stuff. Lots of books and shirts. We are heading into Saturday and Sunday, the busiest days, with very few shirts and a short supply of books. Selling out early is, to stress, a very nice problem to have, but I'm kicking myself for not realizing that our great location (which I knew about a few weeks ago) would lead to more sales. I guess I lacked confidence that our products would appeal to the much wider audience of Comic Con. But they do. People who have no connection to libraries what so ever really do buy our books and shirts. It's nice.

The second Webcomics School panel started off raucus and out of control, more or less as I had feared. Tycho and Gabe have a lot of fans, a lot, and for a few minutes it threatened to be Penny Arcade Q&A. But I put down my iron fist of moderation, and the panelists were nice enough to cooperate, and I feel like we got some work done. Rich Stevens, Kris Straub, and Scott Kurtz were an entertaining combination of hearfelt and smart-assed, and everyone got a good show. I again hope that Fleen will provide some detailed overview. I need some sleep.

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