Unshelved comic strip for 4/7/2007

The Challenge Endeth

And so our plastic-coffee-cup-lid-tastic week comes to a close, not with a bang, but with a "bloop!".

This all started when Gene tried to write the most Sheldon-like sequence he could, by starting with something that annoyed him and going depth-first on it. It was completely incomprehensible, and so I called up Dave and asked him if he could do better. That put a lot of pressure on us to get funny fast, and I think we did pretty well.

Dave is truly funny, even more so in person, and even his last coffee cup lid strip, a total cop-out, made me laugh in its acceptance of its cop-outedness. If you haven't already, go over to Sheldon and sign up for his email delivery. And if you're visiting from Sheldon, please sign up for ours!

And now back to the usual vaguely library-related chaos.

This Unshelved strip

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