Unshelved comic strip for 8/17/2007

Unshelved Books @ Your Library

There's a nice feature about the Unshelved collections headlining over at Diamond Bookshelf, a regular publication providing graphic novel advisory for schools and libraries (sign up today!) . This nicely underlines the fact that all five of our books available for purchase today by the library and school market.

It used to be that folks thought Unshelved was just for the staff room -- for librarians only. But Gene and I designed our comic strip for the general public, and today thousands of "civilians" read and enjoy it every day. And it's particularly pleasing when folks write in, as they often do, telling us that they discovered Unshelved in the stacks of their library, became devotees, and look forward to seeing the latest volume there. So please help our fans around the world who do the bulk of their reading via libraries (I am one of them) by keeping the complete set of Unshelved collections stocked at yours. An easy way would be to pass the above link on to your library's book buyer.

From a more personal perspective we rely on book purchases to help keep our tiny business going. In a day and age where widespread newspaper syndication is forbodingly unlikely, the only hope for web-based comics like ours to make a living is through alternate means. And for us, means #1 is book sales, both directly and, through our distributor, to libraries (and book stores and comic shops). We very much appreciate your support.

And now it's back to the drawing table for me. Dewey has a website to finish designing!

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