Read Barbarian Girl: The Burning Blade of the Badlands Part 1 by Gene Ambaum and Willow Payne
Unshelved comic strip for 1/18/2007

More arty art art

First of all, I hope you can read the comic better. I increased the ruler size I was using for lettering, and am using a thicker pen. It gives us a little less space to work with, but that's just a good reason to edit down our overly wordy strips.

Secondly, even though I am now pencilling most strips ahead of time, sometimes things change quite late in the proces. On Tuesday's strip I didn't originally change Dewey's hair. But as I looked at the second panel I realized that I needed to have the wind affect him too. I then had to redraw his hair in the last panel several times before I got the end result. And suddenly the strip, which was about the guy being blown in, actually changed to be about Dewey's hair. Which I love. Three cheers for improvisation.

ALA in Seattle

It starts tomorrow, here in our home town of Seattle. We'll be handing out "Read Responsibly" badge ribbons to the first 1500 folks to show up, we'll be signing "Read Responsibly" posters Saturday 10am-noon, and we'll be selling "Read Responsibly" shirts and bookbags*. Somehow I feel like there's a theme developing, but what it is escapes me.

Even if you don't want to buy anything, even if you don't want free stuff, please drop by booth 742 and say hi! We love meeting our readers.

* We're selling other stuff too. In fact, we're selling pretty much everything in the store.

P.S. And look out for Unshelved conference tips every day in CogNotes, the daily conference newsletter of ALA.

This Unshelved strip

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