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This week's strips: an explanation

So, fresh off ALA I had to go on a business trip to San Francisco for my day job. A bit rough, because I was behind on strip already, but I brought my handy new Tablet PC. I don't love drawing the strip on a Tablet PC, at 13.3" it's so much smaller than my 21" Cintiq, but necessity is the mother of tolerance, and I was looking forward to trying it out. So I set it all up to get drawing and... it doesn't work. Basically this laptop is so new that the Wacom driver doesn't recognize it.

I don't get home until late Friday, so it will be Saturday (!!) until I get to draw and eventually post almost the entire week's strips. Embarassing. Would it help if I told you they are funny? And that next week's are already written and they're funny too? No, I thought not. Sorry.

Update: One very busy weekend later, I'm caught up and a day ahead. Good night.

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