Unshelved comic strip for 10/23/2007

Drop-In Titles Feed

We've had a bit of a quandry for those of you who read Unshelved by our RSS feed. It's about Drop-In Titles, the new service we began offering a few weeks ago. Some of you really want it, and some of you don't. This doesn't seem to be a problem for those who read Unshelved on our website, and I don't think it will be a problem for those who read it by email, because in both those cases it's easy to ignore if you're not interested. But many news readers, and I'm thinking especially of our LiveJournal feed, force you to scroll past the entire post before you get onto the next one. Much harder to ignore.

Fortunately there's an easy solution. We're moving the Drop-In Titles service to a special feed of its own. If you want to stay in tune with late-breaking title announcements from publishers you'll want to subscribe. If not, don't. It's that simple!

Now we'll move our problem-solving skills to world peace and health care.

Update: Some teething pains (multiple posts) on the new feed. All will be well.

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