Unshelved comic strip for 12/31/2007

My Year In Review

At year's end I usually feel compelled to reflect on the past twelve months. Since this is the Unshelved blog you'd think I'd focus on that, but Unshelved's birthday is February 16th (it'll be our sixth) so instead you get to hear me talk about my second favorite topic, myself.

2007 was a Year Of Change. I changed jobs twice - first to a new position at Microsoft, then leavingly entirely to focus primarily on Unshelved (though I'll still be burning the midnight oil on a temporary gig doing programming until the comic strip biz is capable of paying all our bills). We changed houses, moving to a smaller abode in a less expensive neighborhood, partially to help cut back on said bills, and partially to provide our mixed-race family with a mixed-race community. And let's not forget the most notable change - I switched to Mac.

So my days look, literally, very different. I'm waking up in a new bedroom, going to work on new stuff on a new computer in a new office in a new neighborhood. But I still have the same beautiful wife, the same unusually intelligent and talented children, the same housemates, and the same dog. So there are some constants.

I couldn't be more excited, heading into 2008 as a self-employed professional cartoonist. I also couldn't be more frightened, because the pressure of paying bills is truly, well, a lot of pressure. But what is worthwhile that isn't bone-chillingly frightening?

I hope that this year brought as many positive changes to you and yours. Happy New Year!

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