Unshelved @ Comic Con

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well maybe not, but it is the nerdiest, with over a hundred thousand fans of comics and pop culture converging on San Diego for Comic Con International. Surprisingly not all of them are coming just to see us, but we'll be there anyway. This fabulous map shows where you can find us, namely at booth 2300 just inside one of the many front doors. There:

  • Bill will be drawing next week's Unshelved strips live at the booth! Stop by and see him put pencil on paper while Gene bosses him around.
  • Bill will be doing sketches for free! Stop by and ask for your favorite Unshelved character.
  • Our new book Read Responsibly will be making its debut. We haven't even seen it ourselves yet. It's that new.
  • Our superheroic store manager Jana will be there selling (almost) everything we make, including the new Will Work For Books 2.0, with some special conference deals. Jana's never been to a comic convention before, so help give her a special Comic Con welcome!
  • Er, that's it for our booth. But there's lots of other cool going on elsewhere.

We look forward to seeing you!

P.S. Comic Con is selling out fast - you can still buy 3-day passes for Thursday, Friday, and Sunday but Saturday is sold out.

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