Comic Con 2007

I don't know why the other hundred thousand or so people were at Comic Con International 2007, but I was there in to meet our fans, catch up with my friends, sell some stuff, and see a lot of cool stuff, and maybe learn something. And so I did.

  • Our Fans. There's still a rumor that Unshelved is a comic strip for librarians, but as our readership broadens it really consists of "people who think we're funny", or as I like to put it, "people with excellent taste." Comic Con is where we see this first hand, with folks from all professions, ages, genders, and Star Wars/Star Trek affilliation (yes, you can only pick one) walking up and falling in love with the strip.
  • Our Friends. It's not often we get to see our fellow cartoonists, so it was nice to catch up with Scott Kurtz and virtually the entire line of Blank Label Comics creators. We had lunch with Terry and Robyn Moore, where I tried to convince Terry to teach me how to draw hair. I met and bonded with David Malki (fortunately we found a solvent and were eventually separated). I also met Jeff Jacques who occasionally features a university library. And at the airport I finally got a chance to chat with the otherwise-mobbed Jerry Holkins a.k.a. Tycho, who is a profoundly well-spoken and thoughtful gentleman if ever there was one. Oh, and I managed to get a few minutes with up-and-coming superstar comics writer Dan Slott, with whom I attended high school many, many moons ago. Still a great guy.
  • Selling. As I implied in a previous post, this year was by far our most successful in terms of sales. I attribute this to a broader line of books and merchandise, as well as the mad selling skillz of the lovely Jana, who graced our booth we her delightful presence.
  • Cool Stuff. There is so much cool stuff to see at Comic Con that I had to resign myself to seeing only a small fraction, and buying an even tiner fraction. The best artists on Earth are there, which used to intimidate me but now only inspires.

  • Learnings. I'll devote a separate post to learnings about Comic Con itself. But I spent a lot of the con walking around seeing how other creators make a living (or try), and left with a few dozen ideas that we'll bat around and maybe put into practice over the next year.

Every year I wonder if we'll go back. It's an expensive show, and so despite our record sales we still didn't make any money. But we got the word out to a lot of folks who will get the word out even farther. And professionally there's no better way for me to spend my time. So we re-upped, just like we always do. See you next year

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