Taking it Easy at Comic Con

Don't worry, this is the last of my posts about Comic Con 2007. Probably.

Past Comic Cons have been somewhat taxing so I was determined that this one be relaxing. It was. Here's how I did it:

  • Local Support. Our friend Drew was kind enough to take delivery of 13 boxes of our books, drive them to the con, and wheel them right up to the booth with an industrial-strength 4-wheel dolly (which several cartoonist friends then proceeded to make similarly good use of). Afterwards he helped us break down the booth, drove us to the airport, and sent the remaining few boxes back to our HQ. Drew, did you ever know that you're my hero?
  • Booth Help. We brought Jana, our store manager, to run our booth. This freed Gene and I to talk with our fans and, in my case, draw. Not that we didn't sell stuff, we definitely did, but the whole vibe was different. I never felt like I needed to stop talking to someone in order to sell to that person behind her. The downside is that help costs money - airfare, hotel, meals, and wages - but it was well worth it.
  • No Parties. None. Not one. We had a few nice meals with friends, but I was determined to avoid the creeping sleep deprivation that has characterized every other Comic Con I've attended. As a result I woke up bright and early every day, and never had that walking-dead thousand-mile stare that is prevalant by the last couple of days. Besides, I hate parties.
  • Eat Well & Exercise. I consumed mostly nutritious foods, walked everywhere, and generally took good care of my body. Jana and I even did a little workout at the airport while waiting for our flight. When I got home my back didn't hurt. Nice.
  • No Pretense. Comic Con is a networker's dream, but I am not a networker. The truth is that I don't like everybody, or even most people. In the past I have tried to manufacture congeniality with professionals with whom I don't have a real connection, and I hate it. This year I stopped trying. I felt more authentic than I have in years.
  • Soak It In. More than I have in years, I really tried to swim in all the creativity and entrepreneurship that is everywhere you look at Comic Con. Instead of feeling competitive I instead admired and did my best to learn from all the talent around me. It was refreshing and inspiring.

Everyone's different. Our friend and business strategist Jim loves to network, and was out until 3am at parties almost every night. So your mileage may vary. But for me, this was my favorite Comic Con, or conference of any kind, in years.

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