Unshelved comic strip for 1/20/2008

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Every time we go to a conference we come back with a stack of signups for our mailing list, and Jana just finished entering them. I know some of you probably just dropped off a business card without knowing what you were signing up for, so I'll tell ya - this is Unshelved, a comic strip about a library (here's a primer and here's our archive). It's made fresh every day (well, most every day) by a librarian and a cartoonist. Weekdays are like normal newspaper strips, Sundays are book talks done in the form of a comic strip. And there's this blog, with news from libraries, technology, cartooning, and our lives. Coming too often? Switch to weekly delivery. Not to your taste? It's easy to Unsubscribe! Not an email person? Use our RSS feed, that's what I do!

This Unshelved strip

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