Unshelved comic strip for 4/22/2008

Frequently Asked Questions: The Book

There's nothing we do that's harder, or more satisfying, than publishing a new book. It is the concrete manifestation of an entire year of our professional lives. So we try hard to make it as wonderful as possible.Therefore I'm both thrilled and relieved to announce that our sixth collection Frequently Asked Questions is at the printers now and available today for preorder.

This is a good one. The cover features perhaps the finest turban ever drawn. Inside, as you might expect, is what you came for -- a year's worth of Unshelved daily strips, Book Clubs, and Conference Tips at a sparkling 600dpi in black, white, and color.

This volume also features The Great Plastic Coffee Cup Lid Comic Strip Challenge , where we took on Sheldon's Dave Kellett to see who could draw funnier comics about unfunny stuff. We've got our strips, his strips, and color commentary by ace webcomics journalist Gary Tyrrell of Fleen.

There's no better way to support Unshelved than by buying our books. And to help make them even more affordable, you can buy the entire 6-book Unshelved Library for just $70 - that's like getting (almost) 2 books free. In fact, you can buy any 6 of our books for that price, which is great if you are buying gifts or filling in a partial collection.

If you preorder your copy of Frequently Asked Questions by May 31 we will sign your book and Bill will sketch a character in it. We'll also sign any other books you purchase with it.

And of course you'll want to wear a new t-shirt when reading your book. We've got three - Reader's Advisory based on today's strip, Bibliovore for those of you who derive nutrition from books, and library schooled. If you buy any two shirts you'll save $3. Buy four, save $6. And so on.

It all starts at the Unshelved Store today!

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