Unshelved comic strip for 9/27/2008

Mr. Watson come here. I need you!

Last week I was frantically preparing for my trip across the country and back, and realized I was not going to have enough strips. So, like Alexander Graham Bell before me, I summoned a Mr. Watson, in this case Joel Watson, the eminent cartoonist of Hijinks Ensue, a thrice-weekly romp through pop culture that fits my sense of humor like something that fits another thing really well, but not in a dirty way.

Anyway, he whipped up this Sunday's tribute to one of my favorite b-sides. If this was the only book Douglas Adams ever wrote it would be famous. But it's not The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and so it's been relegated to a footnote. I trust Joel will single-handedly put it where it belongs.

Joel is also the creator of my favorite election-year t-shirt, Roslin in 2008: So say we all!. Buying one would be a great way to thank him for his great Book Club!

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