Unshelved comic strip for 12/5/2008

Webcomical Gifts

Most of my blog posts for the last couple of months have been about the stuff we sell, and rightly so, because that's how we support the strip. But I thought I'd change gears and suggest some gifts that we don't sell. And I'm going to start with some favorite products from some of our web cartoonist friends:

From Sheldon's Dave Kellett, the Lucky Duck shirt is a favorite of my wife's. Any aspiring cartoonists should get How To Make Webcomics. And don't miss the latest Sheldon collection, Nerds On Parade, just out.

From Wondermark's Dave Malki! there's the Bibliophibian shirt, hysterical greeting cards and his beautiful collection Beards of our Forefathers, easily one of the most handsome comic strip collections I've ever seen.

From Girls Without Slingshots' Danielle Corsetto some delightfully off-color Valentine's Day cards would make great stocking stuffers for the right person.

Kris Straub draws three, count 'em, three webcomics but it's his simplest, Chainsawsuit, that always makes me laugh.

Schlock Mercenary's Howard Taylor sells these great Warning Signs, perfect for your office.

Chris Yates sells Poop signs. I also like his slugs.

PVP's Scott Kurtz brings us the I Beat Tetris t-shirt.

Goats' Jon Rosenberg sells a gazillion great t-shirts, but I'm thinking of getting which part of "ninja" don't you understnad? for my son.

indigo kelleigh draw some astonishingly beautiful comics. His 8-bit Tarot are the coolest Tarot cards I've ever seen, not that I've seen that many.

Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens also makes awesome shirts. Bacon Toaster and Galactus are two recent favorites.

There are more great comics and more great products out there, but these are the ones that inspire me right now.

Unshelved Book Club in the library

Our friend Shannon, who probably doesn't know that she's one of inspirations for the character of Tamara, wrote:

We made a very simple Unshelved display here at my library. Your comic books, plus your Sunday recommendations, are flying off the display!

We hear again and again that Unshelved Book Club displays are a great way to put books into the hands of kids. A reminder, if you need one, that you're welcome to print them out and use them in this way.

This Unshelved strip

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