Unshelved comic strip for 4/13/2008

Girls With Slingshots, Girl Without Computer

I'd like to recommend Girls With Slingshots, a comic from Danielle Corsetto about, well, a woman. Who dates, and has a job, and friends, and I'm not explaining it well. It doesn't have the Hollywood pitch that Unshelved has, but it's better drawn, with richer characters and more realistic dialogue. Become a fan quick because:

Danielle needs a new computer. Hers just died, and if there's one thing a webcartoonist needs it's a computer. Donate a dollar or more and you'll get this beautiful wallpaper for your computer and the pride of knowing you're helping support a very talented young lady.

P.S. If you're one of those obnoxious Mac people like me, let her know that she should totally get a MacBook.

BookExpo America 2008

BookExpo America didn't only sponsor this week's Unshelved, they also agreed to give away a bunch of great gifts for a few lucky librarians and educators who register for BEA 2008 through our site. Said gifts include the ability to jump to the front of an autograph line, a free author's breakfast, and a ticket to see Lewis "Back in" Black. We're chipping in too, giving away appearances in an upcoming Unshelved comic strip and coffee with Gene and myself. In deference to tax season the drawing for the first six winners will be Wednesday April 16th, with drawings every other week until the show begins. Register now to maximize your chances to win!

Sound like fun? Visit Unshelved@BEA to find out more about the contest, BEA itself, and all the fun stuff we'll be doing there (there's quite a bit). There's even a never-published-on-paper 14-page Unshelved comic book which you'll enjoy even if you have no interest in attending North America's largest gathering of book, um, stuff.

This Unshelved strip

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