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Unshelved comic strip for 4/15/2008

Publisher Book Slam @ BEA

I promised we'd be giving you more detailed information about our participation at Book Expo America 2008. Our friend Lance Fensterman asked for our help creating some new library-oriented programming that would be both fun and useful. Our first mission was to improve the level of communication between publishers and librarians through what we call the "Publisher Book Slam". Several times a day at our booth we're going to have representatives from the major publishers run through their buzzworthy books for the coming season. And because your time is valuable they're going to do it quickly, packing in as many books as they can into fifteen minutes. Of course they'll also bring free books to give out to everyone who shows. We think this will be a fun way to learn a lot of valuable information in a short period of time.

If you're not already registered for BEA 2008, do so here and you'll be eligible to win fun prizes from Unshelved and BEA (our first drawing is tomorrow). Or just find out what it's all about by downloading our BEA comic book, What Would Dewey Do @ BEA?

P.S. For those of you who can't make it to every session we'll be recording them for broadcast as part of what we hope will become a regular series of Unshelved podcasts starting after BEA.

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