Spring ends, Summer begins

I head East tomorrow to kick off the last leg of the Unshelved 2008 Spring Tour. On Tuesday the 29th I'll be speaking to the New Jersey Library Association. I'll wind my way up the East coast to Falmouth, MA, where Gene and I will speak on the 9th to the Massachusetts Library Association (also appearing there: Nancy Pearl and this week's sponsor Talia Ross). Finally, on the 13th we'll speak to the Vermont Library Association, at which point we expect the immune system of the Northeast to expel us bodily.

After only a few weeks at home we begin our Summer California Conference Tour. At the end of May, of course, we'll be putting on a small circus at Book Expo America in Los Angeles. Not four weeks later we'll be at the American Library Association annual conference in Anaheim. And the following month it's Comic Con International in San Diego. I wish they all could be California shows.

But what about Seattle's homegrown Emerald City Comic Con? Funny story. ECCC is usually earlier in the year, so we didn't hesitate to schedule the above talks in MA and VT. Then Unshelved BFF Jim Demonakos ended up having to schedule it in mid-May. We couldn't back out of our commitments, so we're compromising. Gene and I won't be there, but Unshelved store manager Jana will be manning (womaning? personing?) our booth by her lonesome. Please stop by, say Hi, and peruse our wares. Then enjoy our many cartoonist budies that will be there, including Dave Kellett, Scott Kurtz, David Malki!, and many more.

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