Talia Ross from Macmillan Library

Unshelved is made possible this week in part by Macmillan Library. Macmillan is the publishing house known formerly as Holtzbrinck. It includes such storied names as St. Martin’s Press; Farrar, Straus & Giroux; Henry Holt; Tor/Forge; and Picador. Macmillan's Library group has a very well-known face: Talia Ross, who has gained a reputation for being willing to engage very deeply with the library community. She is seemingly at every library conference at once. She answers her email. She answers her phone. She solves problems.

But Talia is known for something else. She is known for loving the goriest, bloodiest novels made. Books that drive grown men to their knees? They just whet her appetite. Head on over to the Macmillan Library site and see what she's recommending these days in the category of "stomach-churning". And even if you don't share her taste in books, we recommend you get to know Talia. You'll thank us.

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