Last Call + One More Shirt + Cheaper Stickers

It's almost over! Just three more days left to take advantage of our Frequently Asked Questions preorder special. For every order received by midnight Saturday, Gene and I will sign your copy of FAQ and I'll sketch Colleen (or the character of your choice). And we'll also sign any other books you order with FAQ, so take advantage of our any-six-books-for-$70-plus-free-shipping deal.

Also, Jana pointed out that our store was not showing a 3XL size for our popular Reader's Advisory women's shirt. That was incorrect, as we do have them. It's fixed now. Our apologies if you looked for it in vain.

Finally, we made a big order of bumper stickers for which we got a much better deal. So we're passing the savings on to you! Now just $2 per sticker (in 3 glorious designs).

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