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Book Expo America 2008

This is the third and final week that Book Expo America is using the medium of Unshelved to tell you about what's going down in Los Angeles later this month. To summarize: a lot. We walked away from last year's BEA in New York City saying that it was our favorite library conference, and there's every reason to think 2008 will be even better. Especially for those of you who live on the West coast, BEA 2008 is the place to be. Let's review, shall we, why you should be among the 4000 librarians and educators who will be there:

        <li>The lastest books, Advance Reader Copies, and Galleys that will be buzzing for summer and fall</li>
        <li><b>1,000 authors</b> to meet, greet, listen to, get autographs from, and recruit for your school or library!</li>
        <li><b>2,000 exhibitors</b> with thousands of money-saving show specials, including...</li>
        <li><b>1,200 publishers</b>, more than you’ll see anywhere else. Including major publishers, university presses, independents, and audio publishers.</li>
        <li>Special events featuring renowned authors and editors</li>
        <li>Conference sessions you can use, like budgeting, hot book titles, how to program events, and more!</li>
        <li>Affordable registration - cheaper than any other national show</li>
        <li>A special hotel at a special price</li>

And then there's the fun stuff going on at the Unshelved Library Lounge:

  • Publisher Book Slam - The hottest publishers each have 15 minutes to pitch you the hottest books. Emceed by Bill.
  • Library Confessions - Tell your darkest secret to Gene for later podcast. Names will be changed to protect the not-so-innocent.
  • Unshelved Live - Bill and Gene will write and draw an Unshelved comic strip with your help! Suggest the topic, come up with the punchlines, and lay it out.
  • Unshelved Store - Jana will have more Unshelved books and merchandise than ever before, including our new book, Frequently Asked Questions.

Finally, Gene and I will be debuting our new talk Surviving the Public Saturday at 11am. Learn the Unshelved way to deal with the worst people on earth: customers.

If you're not already registered the best place to do it is through our Unshelved@BEA page, because you'll qualify to win cool prizes from Unshelved and BEA, including an appearance in Unshelved. We've still got three more drawings, so sign up today for the most chances to win!

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