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A brief reminder that we are currently accepting preorders for our new collection Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Not only will you be among the first to read FAQ, not only will Gene and I sign your copy of FAQ, but I will sketch one of our characters (Colleen, unless you specify otherwise) in it. This offer expires at the end of the month.

We've also got a great price on buying a set of all six of our books - at $70 you get almost two books free, plus free shipping. We're also experimenting with the free market by letting you choose any six of our books for the same price. That means you and five of your friends can get a killer price on FAQ, if you choose. Or get the three books you're missing from your collection and get the rest as low-price gifts. We don't care. We love all our children equally. And until the end of the month, Gene and I will sign all the books you buy with a copy of FAQ.

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