Summer Sale 2008

Despite advancements in 4D technology, my garage is only so big. So periodically we must painfully purge our inventory of items that, while once popular, have reached their golden years in terms of sales. Thus it was that we instituted the Summer Sale last year, and this year it continues. From now until July 21st you can get some of our bestselling shirts for only $12.95. Some of these designs might come back, some might not. But if you've been meaning to pick one up this is definitely the right time. And you'll still save $3 when you buy any two shirts.

The list is long - What Happens in the Library Stays in the Library, What Happens in Storytime Stays in Storytime, Will Work for Books, Guess What I'm Reading?, Pimp My Bookcart, Read Irresponsibly, Contains Printed Matter, and the Library Raid shirt and jacket.

Then there's one more sale item, which deserves a short explanation. We reordered a batch of our best-selling shirt of all time, Book Club, from our printer. There was confusion and they added a special and unexpected flourish, a small "" on the front of the shirt. Still looks great, still inspires comments wherever you go, but it's not what we usually sell. So we're putting these on sale too.

Such is the nature of this sale that we are already out of select sizes and will run out of many others fairly quickly. So, without meaning to be cliche, act now while supplies last.

Update: Aaand we're already out of Read Irresponsibly...

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