Unshelved comic strip for 8/15/2008

More unsolicited praise

From a happy customer:

I just received my order containing your newly-recolored What Happens in the Library Stays in the Library and What Happens in Storytime Stays in Storytime shirts. They are truly handsome, and a big improvement over the old versions. Thanks for giving us some new color choices!

Honestly, we'd make all our shirts available in a dozen different color choices if it were economical to do so. Unfortunately my garage is only so big, so we have to have color "seasons". I happen to think this season is particularly attractive. Conversely, we've also received mail from folks complaining that we aren't selling the old colors (and many old designs) any more. I empathize, but it our defense we did sell those shirts for several years. Moral of the story: if you see a shirt you like, buy it!

Twitter Fad

I don't know where it started, but yesterday there was a fast moving fad on Twitter. Someone got an avatar from Face Your Manga, and then someone else did, and soon pretty much everyone on my follow list had one. And then there was the inevitable backlash. Dave Kellett chose a female avatar, showing his individuality. I replaced mine with Dave's portrait of me, and then the race away from manga avatars was on.

I suppose it all sounds very junior high school, and maybe it was, but it reinforced the sense of community I get from few other places. I still have trouble explaining Twitter to people. It's like blog aggregation, but the posts are a lot shorter. It's like a message board, but you have to opt in to each person you want to follow. It's like chat, but public and asynchronous. It's its own thing, it's increasingly addictive, and I invite you to follow me to join in the fun.

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