Unshelved comic strip for 5/4/2009

Macmillan Teen Reads Poster

Our thanks to last week's sponsor, Talia Ross Sherer from Macmillan Library. Sign up to get a free double-sided Teen Reads poster! here!

I Love New York School Librarians

Gene and I just returned from a quick little jaunt to upstate New York, where we gave the banquet speech to several hundred school librarians from around the state. What an amazing reception! Thanks for being such a great audience and making us feel so welcome. Special thanks to Starr and Michelle for carting us around and Danielle for making it all happen.

Mother of the Believers

Unshelved is brought to you this week by Kamran Pasha, author of Mother of the Believers, a novel about the birth of Islam through the eyes of Aisha, Muhammad's young wife. Fun fact: Kamran is a writer for Kings, one of my favorite new TV shows this season.

Three Mac/iPhone Software Recommendations

  • For Unshelved fans who want to read the strip on their iPhones, I recommend using Google Reader to subcribe to our RSS feed and then use Byline to read it. The new version allows you to zoom in and pan around the strip so you don't miss a pixel.

  • For following my Twitter feed and Gene's I heartily recommend both the Mac and iPhone versions of Tweetie.
  • I have managed to dramatically increase my levels of organization and productivity (both personally and professionally) through the careful use of Things. The Mac version is the key part, but I use the iPhone to enter in tasks when I'm out and about.

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