Unshelved comic strip for 1/12/2009

On eBooks

This essay has transformed my thinking about eBooks. (via Gruber)

Diamond Bookshelf

Unshelved is made possible this week, in part, by Diamond Bookshelf, the graphic novels resource for librarians and educators. Sign up today!

Happy Birthday to Me from Gene

It's a tradition. Every year on my birthday Gene gives me a rest from my crippling workload by drawing a strip that I write. You can see his past triumphs using our nifty new search engine. Coward that he is, he started down an avant-garde path which didn't require him to do any actual drawing. I summarily rejected it, but he asked me to show it to you. Here it is:

With no way out and nowhere to turn he buckled down and produced something wonderful, and he even admitted after it was done that he had a good time. I did too. Thanks, Gene, for the great birthday present!

This Unshelved strip

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