Bill and I are back in Seattle after a week long trip that took us through Baltimore, Niagara Falls, and San Francisco (me) and Boston (Bill).

In Baltimore we spoke at the Enoch Pratt Free Library's staff day in a LIBRARY – marble, skylights, a vault, a reading room for HL Mencken and EA Poe, miles of closed stacks, dumbwaiters, and the most awesome reading room I've ever seen. The acoustics we a little rough for our talk, but luckily Bill and I were funny looking enough to make it work.

From Baltimore - Niagara Falls - San Francisco October 2009

After our talk, Wesley Wilson, the Chief Librarian, was kind enough to take Dana (the staff development intern) and I on an impromptu tour. He showed us the Poe reading room, shared the history of the building, opened the vault (containing a Hebrew scroll from the 1400s , song lyrics written by Tupak Shakur, a first edition of Ulysses, Enoch Pratt's walking stick, and more). Then he showed us some of the library's closed stacks, leading us there through his mammoth office where we descended via his "private" elevator. That led to the children's department. I thought the best feature was going to be the fish pond, but the night reading room , complete with its recessed moon and twinkling stars, was my favorite feature in the library. My picture doesn't do it justice.

That afternoon I wandered downtown Baltimore a bit. The neighborhoods weren't like anything I'd seen on The Wire, but none of the used bookstores were open on Monday, the comic shops Google told me about were all gone, and it felt like the denizens of the left wing bookstore / vegan café might run me out of their basement as I flipped through their zines.

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