Niagara Falls

After we arrived in Niagara Falls, we learned to navigate by casino, though we never did solve the mystery of why there are six Indian restaurants within 1/2 mile of the falls. We were lucky enough to have a Starbucks in our hotel, though, which made our stay (and working on our customer service talk) much more pleasant.

On day two I crossed the Rainbow Bridge, leaving Bill's passportlessness behind, and went to the Canadian side. Everything was shinier, but equally as uninteresting. There were neon Disney characters in the park (thankfully off), towers, nice paint jobs, a mob of tourists (missing on the American side), better wax museums (the Abe Lincoln on the American side looked like he was made of frosting), and chain restaurants galore. I walked through it all to go to a used bookstore (closed) and one of the two comic shops (open).

I visit comic shops whenever I can, and I have a giant rant about places that do it wrong and right, but this was the messiest place I've ever seen. Stacks of comics here and there on boxes and bins and somewhere under there, I suspect, shelves, with action figures piled and displayed here and there – it was like a bomb exploded in my office, and foragers had blazed a trail through the mess. Walking through the place, trying not to step on the merchandise, was like playing Twister. I looked around but finally left when my leg cramped up.

Failed to buy Bill any duty free candy or liquor and then wandered back across the Rainbow Bridge (after paying my Canadian-side toll of $.50). The US Border Guard asked me why I was there.

"I went to a comic shop and a book store but didn't buy anything."
"You came to Niagara Falls to go to a comic shop."
"No, I came here for a library conference."
"Is it a national conference?"
(exasperated) "Why are you in Niagara Falls."
"I'm going to speak at the library conference."
"What are you going to talk about?"
"I write a comic about a library. I'm going to talk about that."
(Look of incredulity from the border guard. He waved me through)

After hanging around for a few days and trying to visit the used book store on the US side of Niagara Falls (closed) and the comic shop (open, decent but small) and trying to make sense of the Little Italy sign (we did finally find one Italian restaurant), finally headed to the airport on 4+ hours of sleep. *Yawn*

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