Unshelved comic strip for 11/16/2009

Unshelved Answers

The public ask librarians for help. Who do librarians ask for help? Other librarians, of course. At work and, increasingly, on the Internet, using listservs, message boards, Twitter, etc. Your question may even have been asked before. The problem is finding it, sorting through the answers, and telling the good from the bad.

Introducing Unshelved® Answers, a place to share your expertise about libraries and everything in them: reference resources, reader's advisory, customer service, cataloging, administration, or anything else. Already people have asked:

... and much more!

We've got an easy and effective system for grading both questions and answers so that you can quickly and easily solve your problem and help others solve theirs. Every time your work is voted up you gain more reputation, which unlocks more functionality of the site for you. Eventually our most prized contributors become de-facto moderators. The site is really run by you, for you.

We hope this will become a useful tool for the library community (and anyone else, including booksellers and individuals). Visit Unshelved&reg Answers today to share your expertise!

Random House, Inc.

This week's sponsor is the Library Marketing group at Random House, Inc. They'll be letting us know about several books throughout the week, so keep an eye on the banners. We'll summarize at the end of the week!

The Book Was Better

The actors may be extremely attractive, the special effects may be awesome, but the movie will never be as good as the source material. Black, White, and Gold on a cinematic Sangria shirt, $18.95 in Standard and Junior Women's styles. Ships in early December, just in time for the holidays.

Recycle Books

When it comes to green, nothing beats your local library, as shown in this recent strip. White on Thyme, $18.95 in Standard and Junior Women's styles, and also available as a Hunter Green book bag. Ships in early December, just in time for the holidays.

New colors and styles

In addition to the two new designs we announced today, we're also releasing two old favorites in new forms:

  • Our all-time bestselling What Happens in the Library Stays in the Library is now available in a handsome Denim Blue shirt with dark blue ink, $18.95 in Standard and Women's Junior styles.
  • The classic What Would Dewey Do? is available in a beautiful and warm Deep Heather thermal long-sleeved tee with light blue ink. $24.95 in Standard styles.

Both ship in early December, in plenty of time for the holidays.

That completes all the additions to our store for Holiday 2009. We're starting a little later than usual, which means we won't have time for reorders. So buy your favorites now while supplies last.

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