Unshelved comic strip for 4/29/2010

Answers of the Week

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Answer of the Week #1 goes to Brian Herzog for his answer to Stephan's question about an online library value calculator. Brian not only developed the calculator in question, he also provides links to how the values were calculated and instructions for installing it on other websites.

Answer of the Week #2 goes to Guybrarian for his answer to eesnalk's request for erotic western romances with a plot. He not only links to his list of ditty westerns, but his list of series titles made me giggle. (Full disclosure: By chance, I sat next to Guybrarian on a plane a few years ago. He helped me deal with my fear of flying by whispering about dirty westerns.)

Both winners get the signed Unshelved collection of their choice.

Honorable mention to Bill's answer to applecake's request for a great response when people are snarky to her after she says she's a librarian. I dare someone to use it.

Visit Unshelved Answers if you've got questions or want to share your knowledge with others. And please vote up good questions and answers.

Today is a Good Day for Women to Read

When we created the Today is a Good Day... to Read shirt we made an assumption that its audience would be mostly men. This assumption has been challenged so often that today we are giving in and releasing a version in junior fitted sizes, with our apologies to any and all girl nerds we have unjustly maligned. Perhaps one day we can make amends by buying you a tea, Earl Gray, hot.

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