Commit to Unshelved Answers’ Replacement

Last week, we blogged about how you could help move the proposed Unshelved Answers replacement forward, and many of you followed and voted. Thanks!

Now the proposal has moved to the Commitment phase. This means you personally commit to using the site - asking and answering questions - for a set period of time. As of writing this, the proposal has 11% of the commitments it needs to move to the beta phase. (There is not a set number needed, as they are weighted by a user’s reputation across the Stack Exchange sites. But because most of us don’t use Stack Exchange much, we’re going to need a lot of people.)

So please:
1. Go to the proposal.
2. Click Commit! in the upper left-hand corner of the page.
3. Supply your name, email, and a reason, as asked.

On behalf of all Unshelved Answers users, thanks again.

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