Nine Years

Today we celebrate Unshelved's anniversary. What began nine years ago as an unlikely collaboration between near-strangers about a putatively unfunny subject has blossomed into a daily habit for tens of thousands of book nerds, not to mention a full-time career for the two of us, and we couldn't be more surprised and pleased about the whole thing.

We looked it up, and the traditional gift for a ninth anniversary is either penguinskin boots or a collection of comic strips. So as our gift to you we're lowering our book prices. Individual books are now $11.95 ($10 when you buy any shirt), the four-book Starter Set is $30, the eight-book Unshelved Library is $60, and while supplies last we are selling a 10-book Ultimate Unshelved bundle which includes two out-of-print anthologies containing Unshelved stories by the two of us.

Getting paid to make people laugh is the best job in the world. Thanks for helping make it happen.

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