Unshelved comic strip for 3/14/2011

Welcome ECCC Readers

This last Emerald City Comic Con was our best ever, and we signed up hundreds of new readers. Welcome! You're now an email subscriber to Unshelved and my other comic strip Not Invented Here. You can modify your subscription (or drop one or both comics) by clicking "update profile" at the bottom of each of our emails. You can also read our strip via RSS feed or Facebook fan page, if that's how you roll.

Our entire archive is online, start here at the beginning. Or if you are a print person they are available in book form. Learn more about our strip, our characters, and us, the authors, on our about page. We also have fun merchandise. Thanks for giving us a try!

And for the rest of you, if you didn't attend ECCC you are missing out on what is fast becoming the best comic convention in the country!

This Unshelved strip

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