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Comic Con

There are many cons that call themselves "comic con", but in our hearts that name belongs to the original, the one and only, Comic Con International in lovely San Diego, where we return year-in, year-out to sell our wares, meet our fans, share a drink with our peers, and maybe have Felicia Day blow us a kiss. What? It could happen.

Once again we're at booth 2300 (here's an interactive map). Gene and I will be on duty, with the following awesomeness on display:

  • Unshelved greeting cards, just $6 for each of the two variety packs of 5
  • the remaining copies of Desk Duty, our signed and numbered limited edition print
  • your favorite Unshelved shirts, bags, hats, and poster packs
  • great deals on Unshelved book bundles
  • my new book Runtime Error, hot off the presses!

But we won't be alone, we've got a roommate! Zach Weiner of SMBC (warning: often crude and offensive) will be there with the first SMBC Book, Save Yourself Mammal, and if you're lucky you'll catch appearances by several members of the SMBC Theater cast, including James Ashby. Swoon.

Last but not least, Gene will be part of the Comics in the Library panel Friday from 4:30 – 5:30 in room Room 26AB. He joins Candice Mack, Eva Volin, and Mike Pawuk. Do comics belong in libraries? Spoiler alert: only ours.

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